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Daisuk Byun Lic.Ac
  ​​​​Edward D. Byun Lic.Ac is a Chinese government certified, U.S and Texas licensed acupuncturist and herbalist. 
  He creates and develops O.B(organ balance) test based on 4000 years Oriental medicine theory
  Through the O.B test, it helps to treat any kind of organ functional disorder and symptoms. It also helps to boost your body immune system up and helps to protect your body from outside factors causing illness. 
  It brings back your smile and healthy life!  
  Evergreen acupuncture follows its simple motto of "The more natural, The better life", "Everyday live better"!

  Edward D. Byun Lic.Ac's therapies are an excellent tool to maintain your health condition and a positive influence for your longevity. Oriental medicine may boost your body immune system up and help to protect your body from outside factors causing illness.
 In Oriental medicine, illness is caused by broken your body balance.
  Edward D. Byun's therapies may help your body's balance and aide in your longevity.

   Edward D. Byun L.Ac., studied Chinese medicine at Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine(北京中医药大学;world renown Oriental Medicine and Acupuncture University).
   Edward D. Byun Lic.Ac also trained through Dongzhimen(东直门中医医院) Oriental medicine hospital(well-known Chinese medicine hospital in China) and Xuanwu(宣武中医医院) Oriental medicine hospital for 13 years. 

   Edward D. Byun Lic.Ac trained under the highly recognized and revered Chinese medicine professors named Prof. Peng Jianzhong who is famous in the Kidney section, Yang Weijie who is well-known acupuncturist in the Tung's Acupuncture in China.

   Edward D. Byun Lic.Ac has clinical experiences in the Beijing, China, and U.S.A. around 27 years.

   He services acupuncture clinic at Memorial Houston area 12 years. He recently open his clinic at Frisco area.

   He welcomes patients come from Plano, Dallas, Irving, Carrollton, McKinney, Allen, Little Elm, Garland, Richardson area.



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