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   Mr. Byun is Great! I had a problem with my right thumb. I couldn't bend the thumb. It was diagnosis as Carpal tunnel syndrome from the orthopedics that I need to do surgery to heal. After I diagnosed I visit him to treat my symptom without surgery.

   He treated me with medication and acupuncture for the symptom. I am using my finger freely and no pain now. He explained about the medication that I need to take. He is knowledgeable in all fields, flexible, compassionate, open, listens, kind, and straight forward to the point. He listens, which is important, and he answers for my question. His communication was very good.  I would recommend him to my friends and colleague in future


Sunghee C.                Dec. 27.2013  

  I came here on April. 4. 2012 and could not walk. It is one month later and I am standing straight, 90% of my pain in lower back is gone.​

Thank you

Jeff                                  June. 2012

  I had a sharp knife like pain between back bone and shoulder blade. In constant pain for a week.

  After 1 visit the pain was 1/2 as bad within 2 days and completely gone before next visit 1 week later.

 He is a fantastic acupuncturist.

Karen S.                            Jan. 2012

   Mr. Byun Lic.Ac is terrific. So far he has cured my hyperhydrosis, nerve pain has been greatly reduced and I have stopped smoking. All in less than 6 weeeks time. As a skeptic, at least on some level, Mr. Byun Lic.Ac has convinced me of the actual physical good of acupuncture. Western medicine can only go so far and as a matter of fact acupuncture was suggested to me by my Urologist. A respected man in his own field.

    I've been very pleasantly surprised and would encourage those among you with doubts to give Eastern medicine a try. You wil be very glad you did.
Thank you Mr.Byun Lic.Ac


Lynne L                            Nov. 2013

  Mr. Byun. good morning.

  Jon and I are doing very well.

  He has lost 20 pounds and I have lost 18 pounds. Since the weight loss and along with all  of your great treatments, Jon's back has stopped hurting him and his blood pressure is in line with what it should be for his age.

  My neck has been much better since your treatments and I have minimal on going pain. If i don't over stress, my shoulders they don't give me much cause for discomfort either. 

  You are the best and we love you and your family. give them our greetings!!!

Trish & Jon                   Mar.21, 2012

  My arm was hurting with pain, when I grabbed anything for several years.It had gotten to a point that I couldn't use it at all. Mr.Byun treated me 2 times, my arm has no pain at this time. I'll go in for checkup on Jan. 9th, 2012.

Thanks. Mr.Byun

Tommy P.                    Dec. 2011

  Mr. Byun Lic.Ac has improved my Chronic Fatigue Syndrome(CFS) symptoms: fatigue, pain, inflammatory bowel syndrome, headaches,depression and anxiety in eight treatments! 

  I have been on Ampligen and every other drug for CFS/ME ! 

The Chinese Herbal tonic has completely stopped my digestion problems and removed toxins from my system.   If you have CFS/ME/FIBROMYALGIA and can no longer afford Ampligen for $25,000 for the drug trial alone please stop wasting you're time with western medicine.  I'm done with the garbage the FDA throws at us!  I'm no longer a skeptic of 4,000 year old Chinese traditional medicine!  

  Mr. Byun really listens and cares more than any doctor I've had in the United States!  He isn't arrogant or question you're validity of symptoms or illness like our FDA/Big Pharma drug pushing Doctors.  How many drug sales people do you see flying in and out of you're Doctor's office?  While the Doctor receives kickbacks for pushing their drugs!  The definition of insanity is expecting a different result repeating the same choice endlessly!

Matt. S.                       May. 2013

  I work at an office job and on the computer a lot for about 10 hours a day.

  Because of that I have been having pain on my neck and back.

  I have been receiving treatment from Mr. Byun and my pains have gotten so much better.

  The acupuncturist here really knows his stuff. He's really nice, friendly and knowledgeable in his field of study.

  I would recommend him to anybody I know.

Amy H.                              Feb.5, 2013

  Excellent! I have never seen such positive and quick results from treatments for my thyroid. The nodules are completely gone!

  I will forever be grateful for Evergreen-ILSAN Acupuncture Center!


Anita Rose Garibovic         Jun. 2013

   In my case, I sprained waist when I tried to pick up a heavy carrier last Aug. at first, it was just hurting left side of waist but the more time passes the more pain going on further. Moreover, it had been expanded to leg as much as I couldn’t take a seat. It was so harsh pain to endure because I'm a student who should be in class.

   One day, I asked some of quite a little old women about acupuncture. They recommended Evergreen acupuncture. As I was urgent I visited Evergreen acupuncture. Mr. Byun Lic. Ac. treated my muscle and put acupuncture. I just treated two times.    Now I can take a seat without pain. waistache gone away as well.


Mi Hyon Pak                 Nov. 30,2013

The more testimonials at the Google as

Evergreen-ILSAN acupuncture 

 I have been to over 30 different acupunturist, and Mr. Byun Lic.Ac is the best one by far.

  I was first treated by him on April 2nd, 2012 due to an automobile accident which I hurt my sciatic nerve. I could barely walk. After my first treatment, the severe pain subsided.

  I was estatic to find an acupunturist that specialized in Suki. I had only seen Suki on the National Geographic Channel and wished I could have that done. Mr. Byun's healing hands are like magic. He could feel my pain through his hands and takes my pain away.

  I go as often as I can, because after every visit I feel so good, have so much energy, and sleep so well

Debbie Garret             Feb. 2013  

   I have daughter who suffer neck, shoulder, and back pain due to violin practice. My daughter and wife visited Evergreen-ILSAN Acupuncture Clinic since 2006. Mr. Byun have knew what he had to do when we visited him(very knowledgeable, we do not believe acupuncturist before we met him). My daughter play violin seriously so she always have pain. Since we visited Mr. Byun, he cured my daughter's pain with acupuncture and O.B test even he took care my daughter's health(both body and mentally) with herb. Now he is like God father for my daughter. He is most belivable person both acupunctulist and friend we ever met. Now we live in New York City and still we visit Houston to treat and consult my daughter's health actually more than that. Thank you Mr.. Byun.


Yong J. Park                      Dec. 2013

  Before treatment I was unable to sit or move about freely. Driving a car was very painful as was climbing stairs or any bending down.

  Initially, I sought help from my primary physcian, a neurosurgeon, neurologist and pain management specialist.

  The conclusion was I needed surgery, which I decided. I already diagnosed as herniated disk  T4/5,T5/S1.

  I then went to Dr.An a chiropractor and my symptoms started to improved, but I was still in a lot of pain and she referred me to Mr.Byun. I first met with Mr.Byun in late March 2011. With treatment my symptoms improved so that now I have no to little pain and can continue with a normal life. I do take precautions with lifting and ensure I exercise daily.

Margaret H.                       July. 2011

 When I came to Mr. Byun, I had a great deal of pain in my right shoulder, which had already been diagnosed as bursitis.

After just one treatment, almost all the pain in my shoulder was gone and, in addition, he helped relieve a chronic pain from a bone spur in my left heel.
The range of movement in my arm was noticeably improved.

Susan H.                          Feb. 2012

  I'm very happy with the results of my treatment. Mr.Byun is amazing and has been really nice and caring. Since the first day, I saw the differences. I feel much better, relax and I can control my anxiety. Since I started my treatment, I have lost 16 pounds, I quit drinking cokes and eating fast food.​

  My periods are better too, less cramps, no headache. I used to take advil frequently, not any more. I want to thank Mr.Byun for his treatment and care. I feel much healthier and ready to start planning for a baby. I'm very happy with the results.

  I highly recommend Mr.Byun.

Andrea C.                            Jan. 2012      

P.S : She is pregnant now. Congratulation Andrea.. 

                                    from Mr.Byun Lic.Ac     

  I have had asthma and seasonal allergy around 25 years. I got treatments from several doctors, specialists and acupuncturists in Korea. However my symptoms is on and off all the time.

  I met Mr.Byun in Houston and was taken care from him. Under his 3 months care with acupuncture and his special herbal remedies, my asthma and allergy is got better and better. I don't take allergy or asthma medicine any more.

  He is just wonderful!!!

H. Kang                           Dec. 2008

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